Interfaith Ceremonies

This blog will have original wedding ceremonies already written that you could use for your wedding. Wedding and other ceremonies will be compiled for your review.

Please keep checking back to this site for updated ceremonies. I am combining 5 blogs into their proper categories so that may take some time, but with some luck, many of the articles will be up soon.

Rev. Vikki has been officiating at interfaith weddings, hand fastings, welcoming and baptism ceremonies for over 20 years. She is an ordained priest in The Order of Melchizedek and The Sanctuary of the Beloved. This is an order of individuals committed to teach and/or heal the Human Condition as it emerges in to the Age of Aquarius. Because we do not discriminate, everyone is welcome. There is no bias with regard to race, gender or sexual persuasion and many of the world’s religions are represented. There are no popes, bishops, high priests or heirarchies of any kind. We are all equal to serve in freedom.

Have your wedding your way — at your home, at a restaurant, local park or gardens, the shore or anywhere you choose. She will try to work with you to let you have a wedding with incredible memories that will last a life time.

House and store blessings are also available.


Please feel free to use any part of this ceremony as part of your own. Vikki Anderson is available to perform interfaith ceremonies such as weddings, baptisms, welcoming ceremonies as well as naming and handfasting ceremonies.  See under Interfaith Minister for more information about ceremonies and weddings.  973-492-3110.  Email:


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